Abundance for Everyone!

There is room in the world for abundance for everyone.

Abundance is defined as a very large quantity of something. Many people immediately think of money when they think of abundance. Yes, money comes in handy to pay the bills and to splurge on that bright and shiny object, but there is so much more!

We can have an abundance of happiness, health, peace, financial prosperity and whatever else you can think of.

Where some people get stuck in this idea of having abundance is in the mindset.

You may believe because others have money, a great job, a happy relationship, or something else you’ve been dreaming of, that there’s less of a chance that you can have those things also. You are wrong. Yes, it’s that simple. If you begin thinking and believing that there is enough abundance in the world for everyone, your confidence in achieving your goals and dreams will take off!

This mindset of abundance being scarce or limited can also affect your ego. You may be competing with others because you feel if they are successful, then somehow that means you will not have as much success. This simply is untrue. In fact, doesn’t it seem so much more relaxing to not have to worry about competing for abundance because there is enough for everyone?

You may feel that you are not worth having abundance. You are worth every bit of abundance as the next person. As soon as you believe you are worthy, others will believe also.

You’ve heard about the law of attraction, right? You know, where you attract what you are thinking? For example, if you think you will never be successful, you’re right, you won’t. If you must, fake it till you make it, and say positive affirmations daily until you truly believe what you are saying.

Stop thinking that there is not enough abundance for you, or that you must compete against others for abundance, or that you are not worthy.

Wake up every morning knowing that abundance is waiting for you if you believe. Once you believe, act and grab the abundance that is waiting for you. If something doesn’t go as you hoped, that simply means something bigger and better is around the corner.

Commit to living happy now!

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