If I could bribe all of you to be happy, I would. Why? Because it is so important. Being happy is important for you, for each other, and for our unity as a world.  

I could come up with plenty of reasons to motivate you to get happy but that would make for a long blog so I will stick to my top ten.  


1. To feel a sense of purpose.  

If you know exactly what your life’s purpose is and are living a complete life of purpose, bravo! I am so excited for you and your journey.  

On the other hand, have you ever wondered what your life’s purpose is? Purpose does not have to be something so big you cannot imagine what the actual purpose is.  The easiest way to think about purpose is to think of you and your purpose being one in the same.  

Let me give you an example. I have a gift of helping others become successful in many avenues of their life. To rephrase this into a purpose, I could say My purpose is to help others be successful. In essence, I am a helper and my purpose is to help others.   

Now ask yourself this question. What is your special sauce? You know that special gift you have that no one else has. Sure, others may have a similar recipe, but your sauce is truly one-of-a-kind, your recipe. Need time to think about it? Ok start thinking, I have time. If you’re stuck, which is totally reasonable, think about what others like about you, what you enjoy doing, what makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning. Ok got it? Great! Let us continue.  

Once you know your purpose, and you will know it when you see it, it does not have to super specific or detailed. Just go with it and see where it takes you. You see, if you live life with purpose, your purpose will find you all on its own. I promise.  

I truly believe whichever way it happens for you, feeling a sense of purpose will automatically boost your happiness and being happy will align you with your life’s purpose. 

Living with purpose is having something meaningful in your life that makes you happy and fulfilled. Who doesn’t want to live happier? 


2. To enjoy life 

Sometimes we are so caught up in our routines, we forget we are meant to and deserve to enjoy life. Really, sit for a second and think about all the things you enjoy about life. Write it down if it is helpful for you.  

If not much comes to mind, it may be that you simply need to go within and ask yourself some questions.  

What do you look forward to every day? If again all you hear is crickets, what would you do if there were no lack of resources? You could have several responses, which is wonderful. Now, think of those responses. What are you incorporating into your daily life? If you feel that everything that makes you happy is not currently a part of your life, then whoot whoot! You know exactly what you need to do next!  

Think about how you can add just one thing into your life right now. Yes, right now! No excuses. Any excuses you make are just inner voices telling you this is how life has always been and a life of happiness is unrealistic or undeserving. Pardon my expletive, but I call bullshit on any excuse that holds you back from being happy. The inner voice is simply untrue but it is doing its job or what it thinks is its job based on history. You needed protection and that protection no longer serves you. Tell any of those insecurities to take a hike. Those inner voices now have a new assignment, to support your venture in living happier.    

As you start down this new and exciting new path, begin by waking up each day knowing that you deserve happiness, you are pursuing what makes you happy, you are achieving happiness, and as an inherent side effect, you are helping others to be happier just by your presence.  


3. To enjoy the wonderful physical and mental effects. 

Guess what?! Being happier is good for your body, physically and mentally. I am not making this stuff up. There is scientific evidence that positive emotions and reduction in stress can not only contribute to a healthier life but extend your life as well.  

Here are just some examples of how people who are living happier lead a healthier life, physically and mentally: 

  • Better mood 

  • Eating healthier 

  • Exercising more 

  • Improved immune system 

  • Increased mobility 

  • Less fatigue due to improved sleep 

  • Lower blood pressure 

  • Normal body weight – everyone's normal is different 

  • Reduced risk of heart disease 

  • Reduced stress – who doesn't need this? 

  • Restored quality of sleep  - I can't stress the importance of this

#3 alone is enough to motivate me. How about you?


4. To share and spread happiness to others 

I always say, and yes, it is worth repeating, be your best self to you so you can be your best self to others. 

I know society may have taught us to help others first and that is a nice thought, but here is the truth, my truth. I can help others all I want and I LOVE helping others but I cannot possibly help them in the best way without helping myself first. I am not going to be able to help others be happy if I am not happy. 

Put you and your needs first. Be all you want to be and then focus on others. Once you are happy, you can help others to be happy, which will also boost your happiness. What I also notice is that if I am happy, my happiness rubs off on others. Win, win, and win!

We could sure use a little extra happiness in this world 


5. To positively impact your relationships, career, business and everything in between 

How do you think being unhappy affects your relationships, personally and professionally? Exactly. This is not rocket science but sometimes we need someone to remind us of the simple things so we remember to step back, be in the present, and then move forward in a way that feels comfortable.  

It is true, living happier can impact how successful you are in relationships and business and happier people are more successful. Who doesn’t want to be more successful? This idea of success and happiness goes both ways. If you are happier, you will be more successful. If you are successful, you will be happier. The happier you are the more successful and vice versa. How cool!   


6. To relinquish control 

We have so many responsibilities and live such busy lives. Our first reaction may be to want to take control over everything, which is a recipe for unnecessary added stress. Relinquish control.  There is no need to be in control over everything even if your ego may say otherwise. Live life and let things happen exactly as they are supposed to.  

I will let you in on a little secret. Some things we think we are controlling are beyond our control. So why waste any energy on something that only creates headaches and exhaustion? Ride the waves of life instead of letting them hit your back. Let go and live. It is a much more relaxing and peaceful approach. 

7. To live life! 

We spend so much time going through the motions without thinking of the actual motions. It is like a robotic life of sleeping, eating, working, and repeat. Imagine living happier without all of the monotony!  

For starters, try stepping outside of your comfort zone. Take some steps to add a little variety to your life so you are excited for every day to begin. Plan at least one thing each day that makes YOU happy. 

Life has such amazing opportunities for each one of us. Take advantage of these opportunities and live life to the fullest!  


8. To be confident 

Some studies show that happy people have confidence in themselves and that people that feel unworthy are not as happy. I believe that in order to have confidence, especially if you are one that has felt unworthy your entire life, it takes a change in mindset. The change in mindset comes with being present, being aware of your surroundings on a deeper level, having gratitude for everything you have, and kicking those negative inner voices to the curb.  

Once you have committed to changing your mindset, you will notice some amazing things happening in your life. You will feel lighter as if you have released a heavy burden. You will realize that no matter what happens everything is a gift to redeem for a future gift.  

You are amazing, exquisite, and confident! You go!  

9. To love yourself 

Often times, we rely so much on external validation from others, we forget that our own internal validation is even more rewarding. It is nice to be loved by others, but it’s even nicer to be loved by ourselves. To look in the mirror every morning no matter what perfect imperfections we have and truly love who you are. Live by your rules and do what makes you happy.   

Take the time you need for you, whether it is meditation, exercise, going to the movies, spa, and so on. Make time for YOU. You will thank yourself. 


10. You deserve it! 

I have saved the best for last.  

To be happy is your birthright, no matter what society or other sources of misinformation have told you. You deserve abundance for it is infinite. You deserve happiness for you are worthy. Claim your happiness right now, for it is yours.  

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