Today is the day!

How many times have you said, I'll do that tomorrow, I'll start over again tomorrow, or tomorrow will be better? I'm right there with you. But how has that served you so far? For me, not so well. TODAY IS THE DAY!

What is it that you're pushing off until tomorrow? Diet? Exercise? Personal development? New job? Building relationships? Doing something adventurous or outside of your comfort zone? I can tell you from firsthand experience, pushing it off does nothing but let the emotions of guilt, shame, sorrow, and whatever other emotion you experience simmer.  

New Job

You don't enjoy your job but you feel safe where you are because you have been doing this same thing for a while. It's comfortable. It pays the bills. You'll sacrifice your happiness for complacency. NO, NO, AND NO! Envision your dream job. Begin thinking about how you can make the transition to living happy. Above all, put your happiness first. If you haven't been doing this up until today, then you are in for something amazing!


You ate that unplanned piece of food. You haven't exercised in months or years. You might as well push it off till tomorrow. NO, NO, NO! Instead, today is the day and you're going to take it easy by taking a nice refreshing walk outside.

Personal Development

There is this one thing you have dreamed of doing but aren't good enough, it’s not going to work out or you just push it off.  NO, NO, NO! You are good enough and everything WILL work out. You've heard of the law of attraction, right? If you think you are going to do great, you are! Simple as that. Also, how will you ever take a step forward if you don't even open the door?


You already screwed up by eating that "bad thing" so you might as well give up, call it failure and start again tomorrow. NO, NO, AND NO! First of all, that thing is not "bad".  Enjoy the moment by being mindful in the present while eating that thing you didn't plan on.  Think about how great it tastes and how you're not going to feel guilty afterwards. And next, go back to the "plan".  There is no reason to give up after the plan takes a minor detour. Imagine if you gave up after every unexpected diversion. Life is full of detours, get excited about the spontaneity!

Building Relationships

Every time you are with someone, you have an opportunity to shed your light onto them and vice versa. People are put into your path for a reason. Take advantage of this opportunity to build relationships. Everyone has unique gifts and imagine if we all came together with our gifts ready. Beautiful!

Trying something new

This is the best thing ever! Try anything new or out of your comfort zone. Meditation, hiking, kayaking, public speaking, anything you can think of that makes you feel a little uncomfortable because its new and a little scary. The feeling after, however, is surreal! I promise!

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