Dream and Dream Big!

It seems as though at one time or another we feel stuck, whether it be in our job, relationship, or just life in general. This is wonderful and completely understandable. It's wonderful because we are questioning ourselves. If we did everything in life without questioning our happiness, life would be dull and unrewarding.  We wouldn’t realize all of the wonderful opportunities life has to offer.

Life has wonderful things in store for each and every one of us! If you completely believe and know this to be true, you are well on your way to being unstuck.

We all have the ability to dream. Once we stop dreaming, we have succumbed to our current existence.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to always have something to look forward to? Date night with your significant other? A future promotion? A relaxing vacation? Your dream home? Anything at all that resonates with you. 

For example, my dream is to use my gifts to serve in a happy, healthy, peaceful and financially prosperous way. Ask yourself what your dream is and start there.  There is no dream too small or too big. Do not let arguments get in the way of your dreams. I don't have enough money. I'm not good enough. There isn’t enough time. Whatever your dream is, envision it as vividly as possible and imagine it has already happened.

Let’s say you are in an unrewarding job or relationship. Stop and think. What is your dream job? What kind of relationship(s) do you want? What are the steps that will get you there? Then, envision your dream job, dream relationship, and dream life. Jot down the steps and envision it happening. If a step seems insurmountable at first, stop and envision it has already happened. Think about how amazing you feel that your dream has come true. That feeling and passion is worth so much more than any so-called insurmountable step. Keep taking action to make your dreams come true. Once you, your imagination, and enthusiasm become idle, your dream becomes idle. This action can be baby steps or giant steps, as long as you are pursuing your dream(s).

For the sake of your happiness, please take a look at your life, envision your dreams coming true, and pursue them.     

Happy dreaming.

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Big Hugs,