Break The Bias

I know I normally write about happiness, rainbows, and unicorns but hear me out.

Breaking the bias can lead to happiness. We spend so much energy on bias in the form of judgment of others and even hatred, we don't have the energy to use on much more important things such as loving one another or enjoying life. Believe me, it takes way more energy to dislike something or someone than it does it to be happy. 

I always say it is how we respond to others which impacts our actions. For example, if someone says or does something that leads us to feeling less than wonderful, it is how we respond that matters. How you respond is on you. You might be thinking but how can I not respond to someone doing something that is unfair or unjust? If everyone had this same mentality of thinking about how they respond to others' actions, there would be nothing negative to respond to, which allows us to use our energy on more worthwhile and positive activities. 

We are human and we will have biases but what is important is how we treat those biases. First, we become aware of our biases. Once we are aware of our biases, we can become educated on why we have them and what evidence there is to disprove them. It is only once we are aware of our biases, become educated on them, that we can move to breaking the bias or at least minimizing it and making sure we respond with love instead of hate. This by no means, is an overnight process, but if every single person took one step towards breaking their biases, our world would be a much more pleasurable place to live.

Why should we break the bias? It is hurtful and unproductive. We are all a team and we need every single person, no matter their skin color, their beauty according to societal standards, their mental capacity, their religion, their sexual orientation, their wealth...the list goes on and on. It is much easier to have a world working together than one village that spends a lifetime disagreeing with everyone else.

My ask is this. The next time you judge or even express hate towards another, think about how you would feel if you were the other person. Instead, react as if this person was you and treat them how you wish to be treated, or even better, how he or she wishes to be treated. 

Our interior is what makes us, not our exterior.  

Much love,