What is Your WHY?

I have found over the last couple of decades, I was doing, achieving, and doing without knowing why. We often go through life not knowing why we're doing what we're doing, and this is precisely why the why is so important; so we can live a fulfilling life every way along the journey.

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First, if you are doing something you enjoy and the why hasn't come yet, it's ok, I promise. Yes, it's important but it is also important not to rush the why. It's not an easy process. Continue doing what you feel called to do and the why will find you.

I was listening to Amy Porterfield's podcast #19 with Pat Flynn and they talked about this topic of finding your why or purpose. Pat Flynn said his why is his kids. Everything he does is because of his kids. Pat also says finding the why could involve soul searching. 

The valuable information and insight I received was to not only search our souls but to ask questions and then ask more questions. 

For example:

Question: Why am I working so many hours a day? 

Answer: To help others.

Question: Why? 

Answer: To live my life's purpose.

Question: Why? 

Answer: To be happy, healthy, at peace and financially prosperous. 

This question and answer session could continue on and on but you get my point. The first answer is never really the why. Another way to start this session could be: Why am I living life the way I'm living it? This could get very deep but I feel it's important if you are truly ready to ask why. Additionally, you can ask why to any part of your life whether it be work, home, relationships, and more.  

If you are not sure where you are in life or your purpose in life, try putting yourself in situations where the day-to-day is different. Try taking a different route to work. Try venturing to a new place. Try being with nature. Whatever it is, try something new. Once you expose yourself to new things, you will release yourself from complacency and open yourself up to a whole new you that you never imagined was possible. 

I am here for you if you'd like to work on your why. If you'd like to read more articles, learn more about me, or how you can work with me, click on any of these links or go to happinessawakening.com.

Big hugs,