Choosing a Career or Entrepreneurial Path

Someone once told me I was good at math so I should become an accountant.

I became an accountant.

Not just an accountant but a CPA, Doctor in Accounting, and a CFO.

This was great and I am an awesome accountant and an even better leader, but it took me 15 years to realize there was more for me to offer the world, yes the world!

If you are in the same space where you feel stuck in your current career or are not sure what you’d like to do, make a change, now.

Yes, right now!

Make a change to do something you enjoy and that is not considered work. Sound like a dream? Well, if you think it’s a dream, then it is.

If you have confidence in your abilities, have faith in where your journey will take you, and are passionate about your future of happiness and success, it is not a dream. It is a future reality.

There are so many career paths to take.

First, I suggest you complete the career discovery worksheet to begin clarifying what you really want. (need to provide link)

Second, I recommend you complete the career values worksheet to find your top 10 career values. (need to provide link)

I know what you may be thinking. I already know my values and what I want. Or, I really don’t have the time to complete these worksheets, or lifehacks, as I often refer to them as. Surprisingly, many of us think we know what we want until we really start looking at ourselves with a magnifying glass.

This magnifying glass, or worksheets in this example, allows you to dig deep to find out who you truly are and who is waiting to get out to live more happily and successfully. So, trust me, give it a whirl, and see what awesome insight you receive.

Now that you have completed the worksheets (wink wink), you can see what path suits you.

First, lets see if you want to have a career or begin an entrepreneurial journey.

Yes, some say this can be the biggest decision you make of your life. I disagree if you do some soul searching in the process.  Whatever you do will be the right decision for you at the time. If you change your mind later, then this is also the right decision. See, you can never go wrong if you are following your heart. This may seem a bit cliché or corny, I know. But I completely believe the idea of following your intuition and logic will follow to be true.

Yes, I worked as a CFO and in accounting for 15 years and then transitioned to a success coach. Was my time spent as a CFO a waste of my time? Did I go down the wrong path? Hell to the no! This experience has trained me for my future in not only knowledge and skills, but the ability to lead and show others the way.

So, back to you.

Career vs. Entrepreneurship…



This is by no means an exhaustive list. Also, do not assume because one has more pro’s or con’s, that one is better. Each pro or con is more or less valuable to individuals based on differing values. So, see what resonates with you, what is important to you, and then move on to what you’d like to do. All this work you have done, the career discovery worksheet, the career values worksheet, the perseverance scale has put you in an incredible place to know where to begin. Just one more thing to think about before I say goodbye for now.

What field do you want to work in?

There are a ton of very cool career aptitude test out there and that may be of interest to you. Some patterns I have noticed in my research is the type of work or what interests you based on the work and soul searching you have done so far.

These are the most common:


It is most likely that you may like more than one of the fields listed and may want to choose some type of hybrid. Decide on what interests you and begin researching careers or businesses in these fields.

I am so excited for you and your future success in a career or entrepreneurship!

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