What is a True Leader...Episode 2


Didn't read Episode 1? No worries - you can find Episode 1 here.

I believe true leadership and leadership mean completely different things. Whether you are 25 or 85, you are a leader. 

I have taken my experiences and Jenified (yes, I made up this word) them, if you will, into my own idea of leadership, true leadership, which I strive to live by daily.

Here are more elements of true leadership I would like to share with you, in no particular order.


Delegation somewhat overlaps with trust, collaboration, and empowerment, but nonetheless is necessary to mention. I said there is no need for a leader to carry an entire weight on his or her shoulders. Once others’ skills have been recognized, empower others by delegating tasks to them. This is not just for the workplace but also for home. Share in responsibilities and take some of the burden off yourself.   


Yes, there is always time for work, but it is imperative to make time for fun. Celebrate the team’s wins. Make the work environment an enjoyable place to be. We sure spend enough time at work; our efforts should be offset by joyous occasions.  


There used to be a time where leaders would tell others what to do with no explanation as to why they were doing what they were doing. In order for everyone to be successful and to feel respected, he or she must understand the reasoning behind his or her actions. It is important for people to see the big picture and how his or her role or function fits. Once they understand the whole picture, they can help to make recommendations for improvement and can feel more of a sense of purpose.   


You’ve heard of an open door policy, right? It is much more than this. It is important to have conversations with team members, partners, and everyone with which you have a relationship. You can do this in the form of regular meetings, stopping by to see your teammates, providing regular feedback, and making recommendations for improvement. People feel like they are really part of a team when they are included.


Just because you are leader, does not mean you have to know everything or be the best at everything. Use your team members’ skills and consult with them. There has been many times I have asked, what do you think? or I really could use your expertise on something. If for some reason you feel that leaders have no place asking someone that reports to them for advice, then this is your ego speaking. Leave your ego at the door.  

The items listed are by no means mutually exclusive; I’m sure I have missed something. I am so passionate about being a true leader. Your leadership affects others in a way that not only can positively influence another but also can positively affect a team. If you take the time to read this and try to incorporate the items mentioned in your everyday leadership, you will see wonderful results and a fully engaged and brilliant team.

Stay tuned for the final episode 3.

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