Your Greatest Fears

The 'Why' & 'Is It True' Test to Release You


Our inner voices can sometimes overrun our minds to the point they think they are running the show. It’s time to stop these voices once and for all, by having a dialogue. That’s right, we have a dialogue with the inner voices. 

What is your gremlin or negative inner voice telling you that is really starting to get to you? What is the voice saying that makes you feel bad about yourself? What is the voice saying that is untrue?

Releasing internal fears may be easier said than done. However, what do you think is more fulfilling, being afraid for the rest of your life or releasing your fear and living happier?

Let me tell you about my fears.

I thought I wasn't worthy. I wasn't good enough. I was going to fail. Why? This is the all-powerful question.  

Why and is this true?  

I am going to go through this why and is it true exercise I highly recommend you try on your own. I'm going to start at the very first response until I drill down to the underlying cause. Ready? Great!

Why do I feel unworthy or not good enough? 

Because I feel others may be better than me.  


They are probably judging me. 


They are waiting for me to screw up. 


Because I am good at everything, I do. 


Because I am a perfectionist. 


I want to impress others. 


I want people to like me. 


Because I enjoy the external validation. 


Because I am not receiving enough validation internally. 

Wow! If I received validation from myself, I wouldn’t have all of the thoughts that are simply untrue to begin with.  

Now, let us add the Is this true part and get some insight into what is true. 

·       I feel others may be better than I am. 

Is this true? 

No one is better than another is no matter his or her social status, education, or profession. No one. 

·       They are probably judging me. 

Is this true? 

Who knows and who cares? I have no evidence anyone is judging and so there is no need to waste the energy on the thought. 

·       They are waiting for me to screw up. 

Is this true? 

No! There might be someone who enjoys others' opportunities for improvement but most people are genuinely supporting me. I have never felt that someone was waiting for me to screw up. 

·       I am good at everything I do. 

Is this true? 

I am good at many things but definitely not everything I do.  

·       I am a perfectionist. 

Is this true? 

I have always said this but now that I think about it, I just want to be my best using what I have and know at the time.  

·       I want to impress others. 

Is this true? 

Definitely. Now that I have started reaching the truth, I am reaching the underlying reason for the initial question of why I don’t feel worthy or good enough.  

·       I want people to like me. 

Is this true? 

Yep, more truth. 

·       I enjoy external validation. 

Is this true? 

Absolutely, I rely on external validation.  

·       I am not receiving enough validation internally. 

Is this true? 

We have hit the jackpot!

I could have gone further into the why and is it true, but this is where I feel I can begin my healing by incorporating more internal validation into my life in the form of meditation, journaling, and positive affirmations.

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