Let the Reins Go


Empower anyone and everyone. Yes, your family, coworkers, clients, anyone. Why? Because being empowered brings a completely new sense of ambition, talent, and an indescribable feeling of satisfaction.

Believe me; I used to be a control freak. It was definitely not my intention; I thought I was being helpful. Boy, enabling and helping people ALL the time can be tiring, not to mention, the main ingredients in creating a dependent monster.

Yes, I said it. A dependent monster. Unfortunately, if you have already created the dependent monster, it may take a little time to reverse the pattern but it is oh so possible.

Empowerment at home

A marriage is so much better if all partners are doing just that, partnering. If one person is doing everything, he or she feels overwhelmed, tired, and even angry because the weight of the world is on her or his shoulders. And guess what?!

Many times, the other doesn’t feel like he or she is living up to your standards and thinks you don’t need them. Have a chat. Tell the other you would love to lighten your load. Once you have communicated lovingly, and have lightened the load, do not expect everything the way you want it done. There is a reason we are all unique. If everyone behaved, thought, or acted the same, this would be a boring world.

Let the reins go with your significant other and

  • See them light up because they are now an integral and contributing member of the relationship.

  • See yourself become less stressed, less tired and in technical terms, less Blah.  

Try using empowerment with your children and your siblings. Do you always show your child how to do everything? Let them try it, knowing very well that what they do will be perfect in their eyes. Are you the go-to-sibling or child? Try spreading out those responsibilities. As I said earlier, it may be a process but be patient, communicate your concerns respectfully, and ask for help. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.

Let the reins go with your loved ones and

  • See them feel as if they’re an important part of the family

  • See yourself have more time for you

Empowerment at work

An empowered team at work is a motivated and engaged team. If every member feels that he or she is special and has something to contribute, he or she will be much more likely to step up to help. They feel respected because you have shown your awareness of their abilities.

You may have to build trust first and that is expected. Give the team member something little, give brief guidance and watch them go. You would be surprised how often staff feels as if they are invisible because your door is closed and you feel like the only way to do something is to do it yourself.

Let the reins go with your team and

  • See the team member become more excited to come to work, have a higher level of confidence, and be part of a more cohesive team.

  • See yourself no longer balancing 27 plates, trusting in the team, and able to focus on an improved quality of work.

Empower your clients. This is especially applicable in a coach-client relationship. Yes, I would love to give all of my clients the answers, but how does this really help them? It helps them temporarily but imagine if you provided guidance and tools, they listened, and came up with the solution themselves?

Let the reins go with your clients and

  • See them feel unstoppable

  • See yourself feel proud

No matter the relationship, there is always room for empowerment and making a team or partnership more of a team or partnership.

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