Happiness is the master key to living the life you desire and deserve.

Unlock your happiness. As your master key to life, happiness helps you to unlock things you never imagined were possible and the possibilities are endless. A new and improved you, a better job, thriving relationships, adventures to look forward to...the list really goes on an on which is the most exciting part!

Jen is absolutely phenomenal. I have always had a tendency to be very hard on myself and not give myself a lot of credit. Jen picked up on this after just one session. She is extremely intuitive and seamless to talk to. I owe her a great big THANK YOU for bringing out more happiness in me.
— Ivan, Florida

My areas of expertise

  • Personal Development

  • Professional Leadership/Transition

  • Life Purpose  

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Relationship Building

How do I work?

  • You determine if I am the right coach for you through our free discovery session.

  • We assess your level of happiness through innovative and fun tools and techniques. 

  • We collaborate on the best way to proceed based on your style, needs, wants and the initial assessment.

  • We chat via Skype or phone on a regular basis depending on your schedule. 

  • We briefly re-calibrate every session.

  • I am here to serve.  

Your level of happiness increases!