I Graduated From College...Now What?

6 Week Program

Click below for a video overview of the 6 week program: I graduated from college.. now what?

And see below for what's to come in your 6 week program:


I graduated...now what?

Weeks 1-2

Now is the time to decide what is next for you in this exciting stage of your life. New career? Start your own business? Brainstorm what makes you happy then make a plan.   


make a plan

Weeks 3-4

The fun part! Planning your future! What will it take to live happier and achieve your dreams and goals?


Transition from college to career

Weeks 5-6

If you're like most recent grads trying to step into the workplace, it's competitive, confusing, and takes time. 




- One 1-hour call to begin the program

- Two Self-Assessments to discover your values, skills, passions and goals

- Two 1-hour calls with Jen (Weeks 3 and 5)

- 1 wrap-up call (after completion)

- Weekly access to Jen via email

- Weekly assignments/workbooks/checklists sent via email (prepare to be committed)


Standard plus:   

- Two added calls with Jen (weeks 2 and 4)  

Mastery Level  

VIP & Standard plus:

- One added call with Jen (week 6)

- A custom summary of our journey together for to you to use moving forward