I'm a Leader...Now What? 6 Week Program

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Leadership values, vision, and behaviors

Weeks 1-2

The first 2 weeks focus on leadership self-assessments, understanding your vision and the behaviors of a true leader. 

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leadership skills and finding a balance

Weeks 3-4

These two weeks focus on leadership skills and finding a balance. This balance is two-pronged: 1. finding a balance within your team and 2. finding a balance between being logical and intuitive.

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continuous learning and feedback

Weeks 5-6

We all should be learning as much as we can and leaders are no exception. The last two weeks will focus on how continuously learn as well as the importance of feedback from more than just your team. 

What's Included 

One 1-hour call to begin the program

Two Self-Assessments to discover your personal values and leadership style

Two 1-hour calls with Jen (Weeks 3 and 5)

1 wrap-up call (after completion)

Weekly access to Jen via email

Weekly assignments/workbooks/checklists (prepare to be committed)


All of the above plus   

Two added calls with Jen (weeks 2 and 4)  

Mastery Level      

All of the above plus                                           

One added call with Jen (week 6)

A custom summary of our journey together and a documented plan for you to use moving forward