I'm Living...What's My Purpose? 6 Week Program

Serve a purpose and your life's purpose will find you. 

6 Week program to discover your passions, goals and purpose in order to live happier.
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It's time to do you

Weeks 1-2

You can not possibly be your best self to others without first being your best self to you. 


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make a plan

Weeks 3-4

The fun part! Planning your future! What will it take to live happier and achieve your dreams and goals?

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Take action!

Weeks 5-6

Ok maybe this is the fun part! Taking action on all you've accomplished during the first four weeks. 

What's Included 

One 1-hour call to begin the program

Two Self-Assessments to discover your personal values

Two 1-hour calls with Jen (Weeks 3 and 5)

1 wrap-up call (after completion)

Weekly access to Jen via email

Weekly assignments/workbooks/checklists (prepare to be committed)


All of the above plus   

Two added calls with Jen (weeks 2 and 4)  

Mastery Level  

All of the above plus                                           

One added call with Jen (week 6)

A custom summary of our journey together and a documented plan for to you to use moving forward