Living Life on Your TERMS – A tool for taking back your life, discovering your purpose, and getting unstuck! 

We are often so busy; we forget that in order for us to be our best self to others, we must first be our best self to us. I came to this realization after spinning 27 plates and my body told me enough was enough, in the form of anxiety, stress, and fatigue. 

 I took a long look at the plates I was spinning and figured out a way to minimize the load I was carrying. I discovered that many of my responsibilities were not things I enjoyed and were a result of my people pleasing tendencies. Guess what!? People pleasing is not always so pleasing for all parties involved. Many times, we are searching for external validation from others instead of where it really matters and where it is always available, internally. 

 Now, I’d love to share a tool I created with you to reevaluate all of those plates you are spinning, take back your life, and spend more time finding your purpose and getting unstuck from the robotic style of life many of us are accustomed to.   

 Live life on your terms. How does this sound? Amazing, right? Ok, well dive in and I’d love to hear how you make out!