My Story

When people ask me what I do, I say I'm a phenomenal Chief Financial Officer turned amazing Success Coach.


What I really do is help the humans (dogs too) of this world live happier. 

When I'm not shining my bright light on others, I am dancing, watching movies, or crashing into something on my bike.

I was born with this bright light and have been helping others in any way possible for my entire life.  The difference now is I get paid to use my gifts. How awesome is that?!

I have contributed more than 15 years to the corporate world where I was happily working and working happily in finance. I know using the words happy and finance in the same sentence is unheard of but that was me, Jen, the happy accountant, CPA, number cruncher, whatever you want to call me. 

Jen pink shirt.jpg

One day, about 5 years ago, I was hit smack in the head by my Cocker Spaniel's paw. Ok it was just a really powerful aha moment. I needed to shine my bright light on others. I had many years in the corporate world, my trials and tribulations called life, and a doctoral degree. Soon I completed the Academy awards of life coaching programs accredited by the International Coach Federation.

So here I am today!

I coach individuals, groups, and businesses and have served thousands of people. I offer online courses and do speaking engagements as requested.  

Individuals and groups can learn how to achieve happiness through personal, professional and spiritual development. I use phenomenal tools, high-level intuition, education, and life experiences to guide my clients through goals, times of difficulty, personal and professional development, and a search for life purpose. I coach your energy, not your story, and therefore am able to shift you towards living happier.   

Businesses can benefit from positive and productive leadership training and team-building. As a well-liked CFO and exceptional leader, I have the ability to balance logic with intuition and take a team from rigidly complacent to engaging and cohesive. Similar to individuals, I am able to assess the energy of the group and shift the energy positively. I use assessments and other profound coaching tools. Contact me at for more information.

My Mission

To serve YOU by magnifying your innate abilities and launching them into a life full of success, personally and professionally.  

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