Jen is absolutely phenomenal. I have always had a tendency to be very hard on myself and not give myself a lot of credit. Jen picked up on this after just one session. She is extremely intuitive and seamless to talk to. I owe her a great big THANK YOU for bringing out more happiness in me.
— Ivan, Florida

Happy Clients


I’m really excited to be a passenger on your journey to help people see and believe in their own success, especially myself. You naturally created a very accepting space for us to open up and share our thoughts and I’d like to thank you for that.


Jen is a golden soul that helps you understand and persevere with confidence through all of life’s daily challenges. Not only have I had multiple positive changes in my life since meeting her, but I overall just feel better. It is a pleasure to work with her.


Jen is an outstanding life coach! Her enthusiasm is contagious. She is a bright light, warm, humble, and intellectual. When I went to Jen, I was unsure of my next step. I was lacking confidence and was frustrated with life. One session with Jen eased all of that and more. She helped me to trust myself and guided me in improving my communication skills. When in doubt, I have found it’s best to give Jen a shout.


Jen is a great resource, honest and genuinely interested in helping others. Jen is my go-to for any professional issues I’m having, whether it be my next career move, or dealing with a difficult coworker. She is always willing to listen and encourage progress. She is a natural optimist and delivers assurance of self-worth; convincing others we have the personal resources and resolve to make impactful decisions.



Fun, caring, happy nurturing light, generous, coach of the year, smart cookie, giving, sweet and kind, funny and joyful, a joy of smiley light

Peers at IPEC, Miami, Florida

Jen enriches this world . Thank you.